Fees and Prizes

The Centralian Eisteddfod has a set fee for each section and every section winner will receive a prize. Some sections have a Perpetual Trophy that goes to the winner of that section. Our Perpetual Trophies will stay in the safe-keeping of the Centralian Eisteddfod Committee but we try to ensure that winners will have ample time and opportunity to take photos of their particular trophy. Every perpetual trophy will come with a small trophy as a keepsake.

The Fees and Prizes schedule for 2017 and until further notice are:




Solo Sections $ 7.00 Medallion
Duets, Trios or Quartets $15.00 A Medallion for each winner.
Groups $20.00 Trophy
Talent Quest $15.00 Trophy
Choirs $20.00 Trophy (Most Choirs have a perpetual trophy)
Bands $20.00 Trophy (Most Bands have a perpetual trophy)
Plays $20.00 Trophy
 Distinct Entries (Solo or any number) $15.00 Trophy


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