Day 6 Tuesday 28.05.13

 Perpetual Trophy:

Morning Session: Choirs


Section 521: Choir, year 3 and under

1st Place: Gillen Primary School

Highly Commended: Sadadeen Junior Choir, Ross Park Junior Choir

Section 522: Choir, year 4 and under:

1st Place: OLSH Bath Street Choir

Highly Commended: Larapinta Junior Choir


Section 523: Choir, Secular, year 6 and under

1st Place: Ross Park Senior Choir

Very Highly Commended: Larapinta Senior Choir

Highly Commended: Sadadeen Senior Choir, Gillen Primary School


Section 524: Choir, Sacred, year 6 and under

1st Place: OLSH Bath Street Choir


Section 525: Choir, Language other than English, year 6 and under

1st Place: Singchronicity Alice Springs

Highly Commended: OLSH Bath Street Choir


Section 526: Choir, Secular, 18 years and under

1st Place: Studio B Choir

Highly Commended: NTMS Combined Vocal Group, Singchronicity Alice Springs


 Perpetual Trophy: Mrs Nixon Trophy (Section 521): Gillen Primary School

 Perpetual Trophy: Wendy Donovan Trophy (Section 522): OLSH Bath Street Choir

 Perpetual Trophy: Ross Park Primary School Council Trophy (Section 523): Ross Park Senior Choir

 Perpetual Trophy: Marist Brothers Community Trophy (Section 524): OLSH Bath Street Choir

 Perpetual Trophy: Taps, Tubs and Tiles Trophy (Section 526): Studio B Choir

Afternoon Session: Bands

Section 452: Band, Not Rock, Secondary to year 10:

1st Place: Got Jazz

Section 453: Band, Not Rock, Secondary to year 12

1st Place: St Philips College Band

Anita Thomas Trophy (Section 453): St Philips College Band

Evening Session: Music


Section 454: Open Band, Not Rock

1st Place: Alice Springs Town Band

Highly Commended: Alice Players, St Philips College Band


Section 603: Open Talent Quest

1st Place: Studio B

Section 408: Mixed Instrument Ensemble, Group, 16 years and under

1st Place: Camarata


Section 409: Open Mixed Instrument Ensemble Group

1st Place: Project Bluebook

Perpetual Trophy: Alice Springs Town Council Trophy (Section 454): Alice Springs Town Band

Perpetual Trophy: Alice Springs Big band Trophy (for Outstanding Band Piece performed in the ‘Big Band Style”: St Philips College Band

Perpetual Trophy: Helen Tranthem Memorial Trophy (Section 603): Studio B

Perpetual Trophy: Bank of South Australia Ltd Trophy for Most Promising Pianist, 16 years and under: Peter Cowley

Perpetual Trophy: Linda O’Brien Memorial Trophy, Best Solo Performance in Music Sections, any age: Fleur Vandenberg

Perpetual Trophy: Alice Springs Junior Singers Trophy for most promising vocalist, 18 years and under: Evie Oster

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