2015 Perpetual Trophies



Alice Springs Town Council Trophy


Open Band (Section 454)


St Philips Senior Band


Anita Thomas Trophy


Secondary Band (Section 453)


Music Teachers Association of Alice Springs Trophy


Open Piano Solo (Section 114)


Peter Cowley


Stonemasonry Pty Ltd Trophy


Open Woodwind Solo (Section 238)


Marg Collins


Kings Furniture Trophy


Most Outstanding Solo Stringed Instrument Performance (Any age). Awarded at adjudicator’s discretion.


Parker Trophy 


 Most Promising Brass Player (Any age)


Zac Hughes


Australian Central Credit Union Trophy


Most Promising Woodwind or Brass Player 17 years and under


Abeer Srivastava


Bank of South Australia Limited Trophy


Most Promising Pianist 16 years and under


Centralian Eisteddfod Council Trophy


Most Outstanding Composition (Any age)


Callum Kriske


Felix Stewart Trophy


Most Musical Performance Piano Solo 9 years and under


Elise Phillis


Marg Collins Trophy


Most Enjoyable Performance in Music Sections


Anne Marie Norton& Caleb Namatjira-McMillan


Taps Tubs and Tiles Trophy


Choir, Secular 18 years and under (Section 526)


Our Lady Singing Harmonies


Ross Park Primary  School Council Inc Trophy


Choir, Secular Year 6 and under (Section 523)


Larapinta Senior Choir


Choir, Sacred Year 6 and Under (Section 524)

Marist Brothers Community Trophy



Ernabella Anangu School Choir


Wendy Donovan Trophy


Choir, Year 4 and under (Section 522)


Larapinta Junior Choir


 Mrs Nixon Trophy


Choir, Year 3 and under (Section 521)


Gillen Junior Choir


Tyrrell Trophy


Open Modern Song Solo  (Section 509)


Fleur Summers


Alice Springs Theatre Group Trophy


Open Character Song In Costume Solo (Section 537)


Steve Cox


Helen Tranthem Memorial Trophy


Open Talent Quest (Section 603)


Studio B


Dian Booth Trophy


Best Orchestral Strings Performance 18 years and under


Ugo Frediani


 Alice Springs Big Band Trophy


Outstanding Band Piece performed in the ‘Big Band Style’ (Section 450)


Alice Springs Town Band


NT Music School Award


Encouragement Award Students any age learning 18 months or less, woodwind, brass or percussion instruments (Sections 239,267,463)


Alice Springs Junior Singers Trophy


Most Promising Vocalist 18 years and under


Cindy Nyathi


Linda O’Brien Memorial Trophy


Best solo performance in music sections, any age


Cindy Nyathi


Tim Smith Trophy


Encouragement Award for a pianist aged 10-13 years


Ugo Frediani




Lions Club of Alice Springs Trophy


Most Outstanding Solo Recital Performance (Any age)


Daniel Pearson


Joan Russack Trophy


Most Entertaining Group Recitation by Children attending a Primary School(Section 734)


Ross Park Leopards


Darrell Hines Trophy


Most Promising Prepared Reading 16 years and under


Lucy Brash


Spaff Memorial Trophy


Most Entertaining Solo Character Recital (Any age)


Jordan Humphreys


Elaine Hodda Trophy


 Most Promising Performer in Speech and Drama Sections (Any age)


Alexandra Rosewarne




Mbantua Gallery Trophy


Hip Hop Group (Any age)


Ross Park Dragons


Jim Lawrie Trophy


 Most Promising Dancer (Any age)


Ugo Frediani


Andrea Wigg Trophy


 Most Promising Male Performer (Any age, any style)


Rosso Frediani


Jennie Mears Trophy


Encouragement Award (Any age, any style)


Tjilala Brown-Roberts


Hilary Hazledine Trophy for Choreography


The adjudicator’s choice for the most inspiring choreography in any section.


Luke Hayward


Stephanie Capper Trophy


Jazz/Contemporary Group Open (Section 827)


Studio B Group B


Lydia Cagney Morris Improvisation Award


The Adjudicator’s choice for Ballet  Improvisation Award (Any age)


Meghan Wilson

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