2016 Perpetual Trophies

Alice Springs Town Council Trophy : St Philip's Senior Band
  Open Band (Section 454)    
Anita Thomas Trophy  :  
  Secondary Band (Section 453)    
Music Teachers Association of Alice Springs Trophy  : Marg Collins
  Open Piano Solo (Section 114)    
Stonemasonry Pty Ltd Trophy  : Charles Luchetti
   *  Open Woodwind Solo (Section 238)    
Kings Furniture Trophy  :  
  * Most Outstanding Solo Stringed Instrument Performance (Any age). Awarded at adjudicator’s discretion.
Parker Trophy   :  
     Most Promising Brass Player (Any age)    
Australian Central Credit Union Trophy  : Katelyn Ligteringen
  **  Most Promising Woodwind or Brass Player 17 years and under    
Bank of South Australia Limited Trophy : Ugo Frediani
  **  Most Promising Pianist 16 years and under
Centralian Eisteddfod Council Trophy  :  
    Most Outstanding Composition (Any age)    
Felix Stewart Trophy  : Rocco Frediani
   **  Most Musical Performance Piano Solo 9 years and under    
Marg Collins Trophy  :  
    Most Enjoyable Performance in Music Sections    
Taps Tubs and Tiles Trophy  :  
  Choir, Secular 18 years and under (Section 526)
Ross Park Primary  School Council Inc Trophy  : Ross Park Senior Choir
  * Choir, Secular Year 6 and under (Section 523)
Marist Brothers Community Trophy : Gillen Primary School
  * Choir, Sacred Year 6 and Under (Section 524)    
Wendy Donovan Trophy  : Larapinta Junior Choir
  Choir, Year 4 and under (Section 522)    
 Mrs Nixon Trophy  : Bradshaw Primary Koalas
  * Choir, Year 3 and under (Section 521)    
Tyrrell Trophy  : Naomi Gipey
  * Open Modern Song Solo  (Section 509)    
Alice Springs Theatre Group Trophy  : Mikaela Bennion
  * Open Character Song In Costume Solo (Section 537)    
Helen Tranthem Memorial Trophy  : Studio B
  * Open Talent Quest (Section 603)    
Dian Booth Trophy  : Bo Zeng
  **  Best Orchestral Strings Performance 18 years and under
 Alice Springs Big Band Trophy  : Alice Springs Town Band
    Outstanding Band Piece performed in the ‘Big Band Style’ (Section 450)
NT Music School Award  :  
    Encouragement Award Students any age learning 18 months or less, woodwind, brass or percussion instruments (Sections 239,267,463)
Alice Springs Junior Singers Trophy : Jade Thorogood
  **  Most Promising Vocalist 18 years and under
Linda O’Brien Memorial Trophy  : Adele Gibson
    Best solo performance in music sections, any age
Tim Smith Trophy  : Josh Pyper
    Encouragement Award for a pianist aged 10-13 years
Lions Club of Alice Springs Trophy  : Tristram Taylor-Appelt
    Most Outstanding Solo Recital Performance (Any age)
Joan Russack Trophy  : Plenty Playgroup
  Most Entertaining Group Recitation by Children attending a Primary School(Section 734)
Darrell Hines Trophy  : Jordan Humphreys
  **  Most Promising Prepared Reading 16 years and under
Spaff Memorial Trophy  : Tristram Taylor-Appelt
    Most Entertaining Solo Character Recital (Any age) 
Elaine Hodda Trophy  : Nicholas Boffa
     Most Promising Performer in Speech and Drama Sections (Any age)
Mbantua Gallery Trophy  : Studio B Pre-Teen
    Hip Hop Group (Any age)     
Jim Lawrie Trophy  : Madeleine Luey
     Most Promising Dancer (Any age)     
Andrea Wigg Trophy  : Ugo Frediani
     Most Promising Male Performer (Any age, any style) 
Jennie Mears Trophy  : Tjilala Brown-Roberts
    Encouragement Award (Any age, any style)    
Hilary Hazledine Trophy for Choreography  : Luke Hayward
    The adjudicator’s choice for the most inspiring choreography in any section.
Stephanie Capper Trophy : Studio B Group B
    Jazz/Contemporary Group Open (Section 827)
Lydia Cagney Morris Improvisation Award : Meghan Wilson
    The Adjudicator’s choice for Ballet  Improvisation Award (Any age)
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