Rules / Practices

 The Rules and Practices can be downloaded in the 2018 Syllabus.


Please note: The Centralian Eisteddfod Council reserve the right to withdraw or merge some sections depending on the number of entries received.

1.       GENERAL

1.1.             Open sections are open to all comers.

1.2.             All other sections are open to amateurs only.

1.3.             A professional accompanist, conductor or producer is permitted.

1.4.             A house curtain is not available for any performance.

2.       ENTRIES

2.1.             All sections are “own choice” items unless specified.

2.2.             One piece shall be performed except where specified. A piece may constitute more than one movement so long as it is performed within the specified time limit.

2.3.             Participants may not perform the same item in more than one section.  A slight variation does not constitute a new item.

2.4.             Participants may enter once only in each solo section.

2.5.             In all sections other than solo sections participants may perform more than once if in a variety of combinations.

2.6.             Music submitted at the time of registration must comply with copyright laws (see Rule 3.1 to 3.5) and must meet the following requirements:

·         Vocal – Words and melody line for each part to be performed.

·         Instrumental – Part(s) to be performed.

·         Rock Band – Chord charts only required

·         Any Unusual Instrument & Talent Quest– no music required but it is the responsibility of the competitor(s) to comply with copyright laws. (See Rule 3.1 to 3.5)

2.7.             Entries must be postmarked no later than closing date or delivered by one of the options as listed in the ‘Entries’ section of the Syllabus.

2.8.             Notification of withdrawal is appreciated. A refund of the entry fee may be appropriate if notice is given a month prior to the start of the particular section of the Eisteddfod.

2.9.             For sections specifying “learning 18 months or less” participants should not have any previous experience with any other instrument(s).

3.       COPYRIGHT: MUSIC     

3.1.    The Centralian Eisteddfod holds a License issued by APRA/AMCOS.

3.2.    Participants performing with sheet music must comply with copyright guidelines set by APRA/AMCOS.

3.3.    The Centralian Eisteddfod will not be liable for any copyright infringement relating to the submission of photocopies.  Entrants should be aware of the APRA/AMCOS rules of copyright.

3.4.    Participants must submit one of the following at the registration desk:

·         The original sheet music

·         An AMCOS licensed copy (schools only)

·         A photocopy or transcription or arrangement accompanied by an authorising letter from the music publisher.

·         Unpublished works should be submitted with a letter of “Approval to Perform” from the composer, but is unnecessary if the composer is also the performer.

3.5.    An APRA/AMCOS Copyright Declaration Form is required to accompany any music submitted, and can be found on our website   

3.6.    Copies of the forms are also available at the registration desk. A parent/ guardian is required sign on behalf of their children under the age of 18.

3.7.    If using an AMCOS copy please ensure the stamp and names are clearly visible on it.

3.8.    Originals and licensed copies that have been handed in to the adjudicator will be available to participants after their section has concluded.   The Centralian Eisteddfod Council will take every care to keep these items safe but accepts no responsibility for loss. Please label all music and books clearly with your name.


4.1.             All participants must confirm their attendance at the registration desk 30min prior to commencement of the relevant section.

4.2.             We adhere to advertised session times whenever possible.

4.3.             We do not advise times for each section.

4.4.             If music or text is being handed in at registration it must be marked clearly with participant’s name and number and the section number. All relevant forms should be attached also.


5.1.             No substitutions will be permitted in solo sections. Only those named on the entry form will be allowed to take part.

5.2.             DTQ sections are permitted substitutes.


6.1.             The Council may cancel any section if there are insufficient entries.

6.2.             When there is only one entry in a section, the entrant may be advanced to the age section above providing this promotion is no more than three years.

6.3.             The Council reserves the right to divide large sections into two or more sections.

6.4.             If a participant is entered in an age group below their age (Rule 8) the Council will adjust the entry accordingly.

6.5.             If a participant is entered in an age group above their age the Council may not adjust the entry.


7.1.             A group shall consist of 5 people or more.

7.2.             A vocal group may have a maximum of 12 members.

7.3.             A choir shall consist of 12 members or more.

7.4.             Where groups have mixed ages, they shall enter the age section of the oldest member.


8.1.             Where age limit is specified the participant shall state their age on the entry form and be prepared to produce evidence of age.

8.2.             Where age is specified it shall mean the age on the first day of the current competition.

8.3.             Where “primary” is specified it means students attending primary school up to and including Year 6.

8.4.             Where “secondary to year 10” is specified it means students attending secondary school and are in Year 10 or below.

8.5.             Where “secondary” or “secondary to Year 12” is specified it means students attending school and are in Year 12 or below.

8.6.             Conductors are exempt from age limits.


9.1.             The objective is to hear/see all items in full but time constraints may mean only part of an item is heard.

9.2.             A bell may be used to signify the adjudicator is ready for the performance to commence or may be used to signify the item has exceeded the time limit. In no way does the ringing of the bell signify disapproval or rejection.

9.3.             The Council reserves the right to appoint a substitute adjudicator where necessary.

9.4.             The adjudicator’s decision is final.

9.5.             The adjudicator has the right to withhold any prize.

9.6.             Communication with the adjudicator before or during the competition is strictly prohibited.

9.7.             Costumes and/or movement are permitted but will not be considered in adjudication unless otherwise stated.


10.1.         The order of appearance of participants is at the discretion of the Council.

10.2.         Participants shall be ready to compete in the order set down in the official program.

10.3.         Participants may not perform outside the programmed time of their section.


11.1.         No teacher or parent shall be permitted on stage with a participant except as an accompanist or a conductor.

11.2.         Except in the case of plays, no prompting or assistance of any kind shall be given except by the adjudicator.

11.3.         Teachers/parents who need to assist participants back stage at Araluen are required to wear identification badges, clearly identifying the participant(s).

12.   TUNING

12.1.         Only fine-tuning will be permitted in front of the adjudicator.


13.1.         Accompaniment is permitted for all sections except Band sections.

13.2.         Instrumental  and/or  vocal  parts  may  not  be  duplicated  by  the  same instrument and/or voice in the accompaniment.

13.3.         CD’s provided as accompaniment must be received prior to the commencement of the relevant section at the registration desk. They must be clearly marked with the competitor’s name, section number and track number. 


14.1.         Repeats are not mandatory in any musical piece performed.


15.1.         All sections have TIME LIMITS. These are specified on pages 20, 33, 34 and 40.

16.   TIES

16.1.         In the event of a tie, a prize will be awarded to each winner.


17.1.         A protest in writing may be lodged with the Council within half an hour of the adjudication of the section accompanied by a deposit of $10.00.

17.2.         If the protest is not upheld, the $10.00 will be forfeited.


18.1.         No flash photography

18.2.         Video and photography is restricted to items that you are connected with. eg, family, school class, dance group etc.



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